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WE SPECIALIZE in creating the highest quality stone switch plates from all natural stone, quartz surfaces, and ceramic tiles. You supply your material to ensure a perfect match to your interior surfaces or, if possible, choose from the list of stones that we stock. We make our stone switch plates and outlet covers in all common configurations, with the same height, width, and thickness of standard plastic switch plates. We carve our custom switch plates from solid pieces of material on a computer controlled router to ensure the best fit, finish, and natural beauty. The radiused edges of our switch plates are finished to match anything from tumbled travertine to polished granite. We apply epoxy to the backside to ensure they are as strong as possible, but do not apply it to any visible parts of the switchplate. Color coordinated screws are supplied with your switchplate order, or for an even more custom look you can upgrade to our unique Magnetic/Screwless Switch Plates. This mounting method not only looks much better but there are no screws to over tighten, making this a much safer method of mounting your stone switch plates. Although we still offer the screw on method of mounting we strongly encourage you to choose the magnetic upgrade when ordering your custom switch plates.

We offer a lot of information on our switch plates in an effort to educate and answer any questions you may have. If you want the condensed version then go to our Ordering page. If you have time then we hope to give you all the information on stone switch plates, engineered stone or quartz switch plates, and ceramic switch plates that you could ever want. If you are interested in the fine details of how we make our custom stone switch plates then visit The Process page. On it we show the different steps involved and photos of the backsides and how well the fixtures fit, which is the most important part of stone switch plates. On the Materials page we show what we can make custom switch plates from, which is anything that diamond will cut.



Ceramic granite marble travertine slate switch plate covers cover plates

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Over the years we have made many Granite Switch Plates, Marble Switch Plates, Travertine Switch Plates, Slate Switch Plates, Onyx Switch Plates, Quartz Switch Plates, and Ceramic Tile Switch Plates. We have refined every aspect of our process to ensure the best quality of tumbled marble switch plates, tumbled travertine switch plates, tumbled slate switchplates, or honed granite switchplates.