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These first two photos show how you can tile in or flush mount your switch plates if we don't radius the edges. The best way to do this is to get your switch plates first, install them, and then tile around them without grouting them in. This customer installed plastic switchplates, tiled around them, purchased the stone switch plates, and then grouted them in. Tiled in switch plates does add quite a bit more work but it is rather unique.

Flush mounted travertine light switch cover plates in a tumbled travertine backsplashTiled in flush travertine switch cover plates in a tumbled travertine backsplash

This next group of photos are of magnetic granite switch cover plates.

Installed granite switch plate covers Installed granite light switch cover plates

The next two rows are screw mounted travertine switch plates.

Installed travertine light switch cover plateInstalled travertine stone cable jack plate Installed travertine electrical outlet cover plate

Below are some magnetic porcelainized ceramic switch plate covers.

Installed ceramic tile switch plate coversMagnetic ceramic electrical outlet cover

Magnetic ceramic switch and outlet cover plateMagnetic ceramic tripple electrical light switch cover plate

Before and after photos.

Granite switch platesmagnetic granite cover switch covers
Magnetic Veneziano granite outlet cover platesVeneziano granite switch plates
Tumbled travertine outlet coversTumbled travertine switch plate covers
Tumbled travertine switch plateTumbled travertine switch plate

A kitchen by Berry Built.

Natural cleft slat switch cover platesNatural slate outlet cover plates
Slate toggle switch plate coverSlate toggle and decora switch covers

Eash Stoneworks

Various photos

Square edge travertine switchplates

Square edge travertine switchplates