Columbia Gorge Stoneworks, Inc.

  Quartz Switch Plates





We can make custom switch plates and outlet covers from any of the man made quartz surfaces, also known as engineered stone. These materials are most like granite when fabricating so they are priced the same, but the material is always very consistent and produces very nice switchplates.


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CaesarStone switch plate


Custom CaesarStone switch plates

HanStone switch plate


Custom HanStone switch plate













Stellar Rose Silestone switch plate



Custom Silestone double switch plate

An engineered stone switch plate, not sure of the source of the material.


Custom Silestone switch plate














A Cambria switch plate order


Cambria switch plates covers order


Kona Beige Silestone switch plate


Custom double decora Silestone switch plate













An order of Stellar Rose Silestone switch plates


Silestone switch plates  



This includes the man made quartz surfaces Silestone switch plates, CaesarStone switch plates, Avanza switch plates, HanStone switch plates, Cambria switch plates, Zodiaq switch plates, Technistone switch plates, and Legacy switch plates.