Columbia Gorge Stoneworks, Inc.

  Stocked Stone





The pictutes below are of stone that we stock. Please remember that the color of the stone varies from tile to tile as well as monitor to monitor. Since there is so much variation in natural stone, we prefer to use customer supplied material for the best match. Nearly all of the switchplates that we make are from customer supplied stone. We cannot guarantee that our stone will match yours. We save any extra stone that you send to us for one year. If you are worried that shipping your stone to us will be expensive or a hassle go to our Packing Info page.

Travertine and Marble


Honed Durango



Tumbled Durango



Tumbled Noce


Honed, or


Botticcino Marble

Honed Durango travertine switch plates
Tumbled Durango travertine switch plates
Tumbled Noce travertine switch plates
Botticcino marble switch plates



Baltic Brown




Blue Pearl


Black Galaxy

Ubatuba granite switch plates
Blue Pearl granite switch plates

Black Galaxy granite switch plates