Columbia Gorge Stoneworks, Inc.




Columbia Gorge Stoneworks Inc. consists of my wife Jamie, and me. We work from our home in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area near the Columbia River 70 miles east of Portland, Oregon, but on the Washington side. We always wanted to work from home so after remodeling our bathroom and installing slate I came up with the idea of stone switch plates. I have been involved in manufacturing for 16 years, the first 8 as a tool and die maker and then in a cnc machine shop. It is with this background that I have set up our shop specifically to make stone switch plates, we don't make any other product. Our process uses very little electricity, we filter and reuse our water, we reuse what we can, recycle everything that is recyclable, and produce almost no waste except for pieces of stone and mud. There isn't much we can do to get any greener, or lower our operating costs.

We do our own web site design and take all of the photos. The photos on our web site were taken either from our home or within 4 miles of it.

Please excuse how I over use certain words, it is for the search engines.


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Grass Widows

Ball Lupin

Mount Hood from our front yard

Mount Hood