Packing Tips

The US Postal Service offers several flat rate boxes with their Priority Mail service. You can pack up to 70 pounds per box, although we only advise about half of that since the boxes start to fall apart, for a single flat rate, and they supply the boxes with 2-4 day shipping. The best sizes of boxes are 11 x 8-1/2 x 5-1/2 and 12 x 12 x 5-1/2. You can ship 12" tiles in the 12" box but you may want to send an extra tile as insurance since there won't be any padding on the sides.


The best way to package large pieces of slab is to protect the polished surface with something soft and wrap it tightly in cardboard, such as the large 2cm slab sink drop pictured below.






Packaged sink drop

The best way to ship tiles is in a box of peanuts with peanuts between the tiles, pack it as tight as possible with extra peanuts so there is no movement. Here are four 12" tiles using a 14 inch square box. There should be at least one or two inches of peanuts top and bottom. If you would rather not use peanuts then crumpled up newspaper is the next best thing.


Stone tiles packed in peanuts




















6" square pieces of slab with some of the packaging removed, note there were no peanuts.


Smaller pieces of slab

This is one good way of packing slab cut to 4-3/4"x12" pieces, which is the size we prefer.


Packaged slab














Here is the cheapest way to ship slab that has been cut down to 12" squares. As always pack it tight and protect the polished surfaces.


granite slab packaging